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How to Design Text Logos

October 30, 2023

title How to Design text Logos

Editor’s Note: Discover more about logo design essentials and color combinations in our other posts!

Ah, the logo—a tiny image with a colossal job. It's the superhero of branding, and you're its creator. But hold on, superhero costumes aside, what if we told you that sometimes, your logo doesn't need a fancy costume at all?

We're talking about text logos, the Clark Kent of the design world. Simple, unassuming, yet with the power to conquer the branding universe.

Text-only logos have been around since logos were a thing. Think Coca-Cola or Google. These logos whisper, "Our brand is so iconic, we don't need fancy symbols." And guess what? People remember them just as well, without all the frills.

  • Font Matters: Choosing the right font is like picking the right outfit for a job interview. You wouldn't wear flip-flops, right? So, no Comic Sans! Go for fonts that reflect your brand's personality. Is it sleek and modern, or warm and friendly?
  • Color Conundrum: Black and white can be the James Bond of logo colors—timeless and effortlessly cool. But hey, if colors are your jam, go for it. Just keep it simple, like your morning coffee order.
  • Spacing Sensibility: Ever had someone invade your personal space? Logos hate that too. Ensure your letters have enough breathing room. A cramped logo is like a too-tight turtleneck—it's uncomfortable.

You don't need a fancy graphic design degree when crafting a text-only logo. You just need Stockimg.ai's Logo Maker. It's your trusty logo-maker sidekick!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a text logo, and why choose one for your brand?

A text logo, also known as a wordmark logo, consists solely of text, typically the brand's name, rendered in a specific font and style. Text logos are chosen for their simplicity and ability to convey a brand's identity without additional symbols or graphics. They are ideal for brands aiming for a clean and memorable visual identity.

Hiring a graphic designer is not necessary to create a text logo. Many online logo makers, like Stockimg.ai Logo Maker, offer user-friendly tools that allow individuals and businesses to design their text logos. These tools provide customization options, fonts, and styles to create a unique and professional text logo.

Should a text logo be black and white, or can it include color?

Text logos can be black and white or include color, depending on the brand's preferences and identity. While black and white text logos offer a timeless and classic appeal, using color can add vibrancy and personality. It's essential to maintain simplicity in color usage to ensure readability and visual impact.

Author: Yağız Şimşek


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